We’re growing and hiring another Systems Administrator

You: An inspired sysadmin who has always felt constrained by the title.
Us: Thayer School of Engineering IT Department; so collaborative that we built this job description together.

What we do

Provide crazy good technology service.

Thayer School has a unique multidisciplinary approach to engineering education and our IT philosophy reflects this. Rather than just being back-room “crank turners”, our Computing Services team interacts extensively with faculty, students, staff, and researchers. We go out of our way to spend time with our users, deliberately encouraging community members (often with cookies) to ask questions, explain their needs, and brainstorm solutions.

We work hard to solve problems, implement solutions, and allow Thayer School to make the fullest use of computing technology. We are driven and love a challenge.

How we do it

OS: mostly Linux, some Windows and a little bit of everything else
Virtualization: Yes please. VMware is where we’re at
Scripting: A whirl of Perl, PHP, Python, with a sprinkling of Bash and dash of VBS
Authentication: CAS, AD, kerberos
Storage: NetApp, ZFS (Nexenta, FreeBSD, Solaris)
Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, NFS, SSH, Bonjour, VNC, CIFS, HTTP… (get your Wireshark on)

What we expect, and what you can expect

  • We’ll ask for your opinion and expect you to have one
  • The desire and ability to quickly learn new & old technologies
  • The skills and chops to apply your knowledge building integrated systems
  • Full participation within a small, collaborative, agile team
  • Automation wherever possible so we can spend time on the fun stuff
  • Building robust systems that won’t bug you off-hours
  • Keeping up with the latest in tech and not being afraid of the bleeding edge
  • Hands in all aspects of computing – full stack.
  • Close collaboration with all members of the Thayer School community
  • Enthusiasm for higher education; yours, ours, & everyone else’s

Work environment

  • Not in a basement, daylight will reach you
  • Top-notch engineering happening all around you
  • Thriving engineering school within a prestigious college
  • Northern New England as your backyard

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