Thayer Secure wireless network: What’s up with that?

If you pay attention to the list of available wireless networks at Thayer
School (and really, who doesn’t?), you may have noticed a newcomer to the
party: Thayer Secure.

Why has this new network appeared? More importantly, should you use it?

Good questions! Here are the answers:

To take care of the most important question first, should you use Thayer
Secure? If you are using a Windows laptop, the answer is no. You can
continue to connect over Dartmouth Secure and think no further of it.

However, if you are on a Mac or Linux laptop, and (this is the important
bit) you print to Thayer School network printers over Dartmouth Secure
then the answer is YES.

Here are the details: Dartmouth has recently made needed upgrades to the
wireless networking infrastructure, including brand new wireless access
points. One of the side effects of the upgrade, however, is that printing
wirelessly at Thayer from a Mac or Linux computer no longer works properly
over Dartmouth Secure.

Enter Thayer Secure! It does everything Dartmouth Secure does, only
better because it allows Mac and Linux laptops to continue to print to
Thayer printers.

So how do you connect to Thayer Secure? Easy! We have instructions standing by
on our help wiki!

So in summary: If you use a Mac or Linux laptop wirelessly at Thayer and
you need to print you must now connect to the Thayer Secure wireless
network. If you use a Windows laptop, carry on as if nothing has changed!

Printing to Thayer School printers from Mac OS X