Dartmouth Secure wireless turns two! Do you know where your certificates are?

Where has the time gone? Could it really be two years ago this month that Dartmouth campus moved away from one open wireless network and rolled out the Dartmouth Secure wireless network? Yay for 24 months of encrypted, high-bandwidth wireless internet for Dartmouth folk!

And if it has been two years since many of us began using Dartmouth Secure, it has also been two years since many of us downloaded our Dartmouth personal PKI certificates that are required for accessing the wireless network. And, like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight, those certificates are going to turn into pumpkins as they reach their second birthday.

Dartmouth-issued personal PKI certificates are set to expire 2 years from the date they are issued. And just as an expired driver’s license keeps you from (legally) motoring, an expired personal certificate will keep you from accessing the restricted online Dartmouth services you have come to depend on and love.

Not everyone’s certificate will expire this month — only those of you who are still using that first certificate you downloaded two years ago. But this is likely to be many of you.

We have written a help page with instructions on how to check the expiration date of your certificates, an explanation of what and how services may fail if your certificate has expired, and how to download a new certificate if you old one has passed (no eye exam required).

Visit Renewing Expired Dartmouth Personal Certificates for the nitty-gritty.

And as always, please let Your Friendly Thayer Computing Services Team know if you have any questions. Happy motoring!