New Thayer School Dropbox

Ever need to send a file to someone that was just a bit too large for an e-mail attachment? There are a few options – put it in your web space, use Dartmouth’s ftp dropbox, etc. But any of these can take lots of extra steps, especially when you just want to get your file out. So, what to do? Thayer School Dropbox to the rescue…

The new Thayer School Dropbox is a way to quickly and easily get your file sent. Once you visit the site and authenticate, you just choose the file and upload it to the server. You’ll then be given a link to send to the recipient – or just have the Thayer School Dropbox do it for you. The recipient can then visit the link and download your file.

Right now, files can only be uploaded by Dartmouth community members (although anyone can download). Soon, we plan to add the capability for Dartmouth community members to generate a “slot” where an outside person could upload to them.

To use the Thayer School Dropbox, just visit and follow the easy instructions. We hope you find this to be a useful service and welcome your comments on how it could be improved and expanded.