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Recent Blog Entries

October 12, 2014

The A/V equipment in many of our classrooms was due for replacement.  As we began to plan the upgrade, we decided the rooms would benefit from getting a full re-thinking from floor to ceiling.

The first step was getting community feedback.  We reached out to teaching faculty and students, and received several suggestions for making the rooms a better teaching and learning space.

We decided to use this feedback to upgrade a single room, Cumming 202, refine it, then replicate what works to other classrooms.  We are currently in the process [snip…]

August 15, 2013

In setting up our new View infrastructure, we’ve definitely had to work though many little issues with all the various moving parts. One issue that wasn’t a show-stopper, but was quite annoying was that after we set up a new pool, it was unable to do space reclamation on the desktops. After about 24 hours or so, we’d start getting these messages in the View Administrator event log:

Failed to perform space reclamation on machine desktop1 in Pool mypool

Once these started, we’d get them about once [snip…]

July 24, 2013

As I alluded to in the first post on our Desktop Virtualization pilot, our use case is pretty different from the typical one. In most businesses, they are using VDI on employee desktops. Most employees run simple low performance apps like web browsers and word processors, and each person is doing different tasks at different times. The ability to “over subscribe” a server is quite high, as it is unlikely that all employees will simultaneously run highly demanding operations.

In our [snip…]